Azure & Cloudflare Web Application Firewall Setup

In the modern business world of today, web applications have become a major component of how your customers and clients interact with you and have become a vital aspect in the day-to-day operations of your business.

Unfortunately, these same web applications can open up a gateway for hackers to attack or steal your critical assets and sensitive data. Businesses today must be able to distinguish between good and bad website traffic, accurately and in real-time. Cloud AI Tech staffs a team of experienced experts with an extensive amount of knowledge in cloud-based web application firewall protection to safeguard you and your business from these threats.

Web application development is progressing at lightning speed, and it is essential that you have the proper firewall protections in place to safeguard your most vulnerable assets. The rate at which these web applications are released and utilized by businesses only increases their vulnerability, exposing their company to an ever-increasing possibility of a data breach and financial losses.

From the initial installation to the application-level firewall, our team of experts eliminates the steep learning curve and staffing costs associated with managing a web application firewall.
We have configured over 500 internet applications to protect you and your business against the threats posed by hackers and malicious online actors. We have extensive, in-depth knowledge of Azure Web Application Firewall and Cloudflare application firewall management.

As your app requirements change and your business portfolio grows, our experts will configure your firewall rules by page level, helping to moderate the amount of good vs. bad traffic and any threats posed to your business online. Our constant monitoring of the application firewall potentially saves on excessive resource utilization.

Whether you have worked hard for years to build a successful business or are a small startup, the last thing you want or need is for bad characters online to destroy everything you have sacrificed your blood, sweat, and tears for. Our team of experienced professionals will configure your web application firewall to automatically detect and protect new web applications as they are added to your network, and continuously monitor existing web applications so that they remain safe at all times. Contact us and let’s get started protecting your most valuable assets today!


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