Cloud Migration & Management

With growing business demand, businesses are increasingly looking to free up the IT infrastructure. To fill the gap between growing business demand and IT capacity to accommodate new innovations and services, cloud migration is critical.

Cloud migration works to move applications, data, and other components hosted on servers inside an organization to a cloud-based infrastructure. Pulse Solutions will help define your cloud roadmap, plan, and execute your migration to the Cloud, then work with you to take advantage of your new cloud-based solutions. Our wide range of expertise and years of experience means you have access to support before, during, and after your cloud migration.

We make business transformation easy. From assessments and planning to migrating your business processes, we work with you to make Cloud migration secure and fast.

Some of our common conversion projects include Microsoft Access to Cloud application conversion, Desktop applications to web applications on the cloud, Quick Books Desktop to Quick Books Cloud, Cloud enablement for legacy ERP systems, and file storage migration to cloud storage.

Access & Documentation

An accurate assessment of your prevailing situation is imperative, as it will lay the foundation for many critical decisions you’ll need to make. We will analyze and document your current IT environment, the present level of resources, and what applications you need to migrate to help you make informed choices.


We design the strategy and roadmap to facilitate decisions such as how the cloud can best be used for your organization, which applications are the best fit for the cloud, and best practices for security, scalability, infrastructure automation, and disaster recovery.


We deploy new applications and infrastructure in the cloud across on-premises and off-premises environments. The customer always owns the cloud environment, we only offer services to deploy and manage.

Infrastructure Audit

Our audit team will study facts, review them against expectations, and provide the necessary inputs to align with your business requirements and industry best practices at regular intervals. This is essential to keep your cloud infrastructure healthy.

Cloud Application Testing

Our QA team leverages the latest tools, environment, and resource knowledge to ensure that we offer end-to-end testing services to deliver applications of superior quality. This is both manual and automated testing.

Cloud Security Services

Pulse Solutions offers enterprise-grade security services to safeguard your hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. We can assist in PCI compliance, GDPR compliance and general encryption technologies for sensitive data.

Why Cloud AI Tech Cloud Migration Services?

Get to the Cloud, Faster
Leverage our time-tested processes, blueprints, and automation expertise to move to the Cloud and achieve a faster ROI.

Lift & Shift
Move your in-house software and applications to the Cloud quickly and safely without the need to re-design your present infrastructure.

Cloud Strategy Consulting
Our Cloud experts help clients understand features & options, and evaluate cloud applications, devise a strategy, estimate costs, and more.

Cloud-Native Capabilities
Maximize your cloud investment and create an agile IT environment through the continuous, seamless integration of new technologies and automation.

Reduce Migration Risk
Moving your secured data to the Cloud is a big move; maintaining and assuring the accuracy and consistency of data is a challenge. Our team of experts helps you move to the cloud without disruption to your current operations while ensuring compliance and governance.

Cost Savings
The pay-as-you-use model provides the flexibility that businesses desire to counter-seasonal demand. At large volumes, the unit price of servers is also drastically reduced in comparison with native data centers.

Technical Expertise
Our team has honed its skills in migrating Emails, Calendars, Tasks, & user data to GSuite & Office365. Also, MS SQL, MySQL, IIS Server, Apache Server & Nginx Server migrating to public clouds like AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud AI Tech Solutions has led hundreds of successful cloud migrations, and we will ensure that yours is quick, without disruption, and helps you reduce costs in the long term.

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