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Planning to Migration to Cloud

Planning the Design and
Implementation process of migrating
the work load to GCP.

Types of Migration

Lift and Shift

Improve and move

Rip and Replace

Adoption Frame Work

Learn , Lead , Scale and Secure
for the migration and adoption
of cloud technologies

Migration Path

Assess, Plan, Deploy and Optimize will
be used once chosen the type of Migration
from existing environment


Monitor and Automate Everything by building and training your team and also help in optimizing for performance and scalability and reduce costs.


Continuous Support and
helping your team.

Google Cloud Platform


Controlled cost: Protect the business with the managed cost analysis.

Reduce risk: The ability to protect information, systems, and assets while delivering business value through risk assessments and mitigation strategies.

Compliments by industries: From energy, trading, financial, banking and manufacturing industries manage your compliance

Seamless integration: Integrate all of your on-prem or Cloud applications seamlessly with out any risks

Disaster recovery: Make sure your business is running in hard times of any disasters

Seamless migration b/w on-premises to cloud: Migrate all your on-premise applications to cloud seamlessly

Lift & Shift: In a lift and shift migration, you move workloads from a source environment to a target environment with minor or no modifications or refactoring.

Why GCP?

  • Kubernetes: Google is the originator of Kubernetes, which is an orchestrator for applications
  • Automating the deployment of modern applications: Kubo, an automation platform created to help developers using Cloud Foundry to deploy their applications from dev platforms to the cloud.
  • Google app engine enabling developers build application remotely: Google App Engine (GAE) is GCP’s service for enabling developers to build applications remotely, using the language of their choice

Here are five things that differentiate GCP from Azure and AWS. Also, how GCP’s strategy may shape the public cloud computing landscape going forward.
Cloud AI Tech is one of the leading DevOps consulting company with a handful of experience in supporting customers around the globe in adopting DevOps practices. As an AWS and Cloud consulting partner, Cloud AI Tech not only has experience in Cloud Migrations but also support the vast customer base to enable scalable and highly available architecture on AWS, Azure, and GCP. The customers benefit from our expert involvement in Deployment Automation (CI/CD), Infrastructure Automation, Dockerization, Security, Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation and 24/7 Managed Services with 10 Minutes SLA. Cloud AI Tech is one of the companies which deals with a bunch of Kubernetes solution build for the customer on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Seamless integration

Simpler Price Discounts

Whether Google Cloud Platform is less expensive than its competitors depends a lot on which type of workloads you want to run and how you run them.

 It offers discounts based on what it calls sustained use, meaning situations where customers keep a workload running for extended periods. The amount of time you have to run a workload to get the discount varies according to many factors. But they start to kick in significantly around two weeks of constant usage.

AI and Machine Learning

Today, all of the major public clouds offer a suite of sophisticated services for AI and machine learning. Their offerings are not identical, but they are broadly similar. It would be hard to make the case that GCP truly stands apart from Azure and AWS for its AI and machine learning services.

Private Fiber Network

In some respects, it’s surprising how little Google Cloud Platform integrates with the rest of Google’s services. GCP is largely a standalone platform, with few direct tie-ins to Gmail, Google Drive or Google’s digital advertising business. You might think that Google would want GCP to be interwoven more tightly with other Google offerings, but for the most part it’s not.

Hybrid and Multicloud Play

Perhaps the greatest Google Cloud Platform differentiator that has emerged in recent years is GCP’s hybrid cloud and multicloud strategy. GCP has staked its fortune in this domain on Anthos, a framework for running workloads across multiple private clouds and/or on-premises infrastructure. Anthos, built on open source technologies like Kubernetes, makes GCP a flexible and open cloud for companies with hybrid or multicloud ambitions.

It’s Google

Finally, Google Cloud Platform probably benefits from the simple fact that it is owned by Google. Even though (as I noted above) there are few direct integrations between GCP and the rest of the Google platform, GCP’s association with Google might make it seem like a more natural place to launch modern workloads.

Big data

More data is being created than ever before, with IOT on the horizon, organizations need to have tools which can gather, analyse, sort, prioritize, and store data according to user-defined metrics. No one does Big Data better than Google, with Google Cloud Consulting Services, get tomorrow's information today.

Database & Storage

When it comes to storage, Google Cloud platform’s storage is Scalable, high performance, resilient, pliable, and robust. Google Cloud platform allows developers to choose their database of their choosing from Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL all the way to Cloud Bigtable. Discover new levels of storage space with our Google Cloud Consulting Services.

Access and visibility

When it comes to Google Cloud Platform, the control accesses, visibility and allocation of resources which are running on the cloud platform are protected by the impregnable Google’s security model.

Pay only what you use

Scaling up or down, your engineers don’t have sit through monitoring applications, your applications hosted on Cloud Platform has the ability automatically scale up or down to handle the most demanding workloads and traffic. This what the “You pay only for what you use” model you get with Google.

Security & Compliance

Google has been the forefront of security worldwide, any and all our infrastructure offerings are protected by tops experts in the field of network security, information security, data security and application security. As far as compliance is concerned, Cloud Platform adheres to certifications, like ISO 27001, SOC 2/3, and PCI DSS 3.0.

Server less deployment

Cloud Run represents Google's effort to drive so-called server less development through automation

google cloud platform

Cloud Strategy

Experimentation: At this stage, organization is trying to understand how the cloud works

Foundation:  it is all about building foundations towards migrations stage

Migration: At this stage, where mass migration happens. In this stage, bulk of the IT portfolio is being move as batches starting from least difficult ones. In this stage, Systems/Applications/Data prioritized and grouped by their migration difficulties.

Transformation: At this stage, most of the Systems/Applications/Data are migrated and capabilities extended to optimize processes and enable revenue. At this stage, selected applications redesigned to take maximum advantage of the cloud.

Optimization: This is the phase to iterate thru Continues service improvement. At this stage where optimization and maintaining cloud footprint occurs.

GCP Consulting services:

Whether you’re looking to migrate to GCP, better manage your current GCP environment, or expand your capabilities within GCP, Cloud AI Tech can help.
We’re top rated GCP consultants for a reason – because we’re a team of vendor-neutral, award-winning cloud experts who always act in the best interests of our clients, and we always guarantee the best price on GCP products and services.
Cloud AI Tech is the market leader in GCP cost reduction, GCP migration services, GCP Interconnect direct connects and much more. Get your free GCP consultation today and find out how you can join the list of enterprise clients who’ve saved an average of 35% on overall cloud expenditure with Cloud AI Tech.
We provide end-to-end consulting services and solutions for companies building critical cloud solutions using Google Cloud Platform(GCP). With our Google consulting services, we extend an endless opportunity of possibilities to manage, mine, analyze and utilize the cloud.
Being a Google Cloud Partner, you’ll be working hand in hand with our cloud consulting experts who help to build the Google Cloud infrastructure. GCP provides the fastest time to value, whether it’s GCP migration for the first time, providing round-the-clock management service environments, or leveraging for business value through automation and analytics.


The Cloud AI Tech Factor

Cloud AI Tech is a trusted resource and partner to CIOs and other IT decision makers looking to better achieve their business objectives within GCP.

Cloud AI Tech is a Certified GCP Partner, so your GCP solutions will always expertly designed, deployed, migrated and managed for the guaranteed best price.

Overview & Road map:

  • Saas integration
  • Paas
  • Iaas
  • Sdlc
  • CMDB Integration
  • Asset risk management


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