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On-site servers are still somewhat common in the business world today, but more and more companies are moving from on-premise servers to cloud-based ones. It’s a move you should consider for your business as well. By making the migration from on premise to cloud-based infrastructure, you will have much more time to focus on your business by freeing up time committed to the responsibilities required by an on-site network of servers. This will in turn free up time to focus on acquiring new clients and greater sales by targeting and identifying new opportunities for your business to create a higher rate of success than was previously considered.

All operational components are stored in a central cloud-based repository, including all utilities, applications, functions, and even services, and can be accessed quickly and easily across the board. This allows your company to operate in an even more efficient manner through centralized, on-demand network usage.

Some of the most common questions are answered below:

Why should you move on-prem servers to the cloud?

Hardware resources in-house require regular maintenance, replacement, and debugging during problems. Cloud servers are designed to work without this management overhead so you can focus on core business activities.

What will I pay per month for the cloud servers?

Depending on the number of servers and services you need and the period of time you are willing to prepay the cost per server can be as low as $50 per month per server including backups.

Why do I need to put my email on the cloud?

Email is critical, and you cannot afford to miss emails from your customers. Mail systems that run on legacy mail services are often unstable. Cloud services offered by Google and Microsoft are not only far more stable but also help you catch spam and viruses better.

I have a legacy software. How can I move this to the cloud?

Pretty much any legacy software can be ported to the cloud, from old Filemater systems to the initial versions of Peachtree. We have ported 100s of legacy systems successfully. Legacy systems run a lot better on the cloud too. Customers often need legacy systems only during specific periods in the year, and in this case, the resources can be turned off saving money when not needed.

I have too much data, How much would it cost me to move to the cloud?

Data management is one of our popular services. We analyse what data you need day to day and what can be archived to low-cost storage for access only sporadically. The cost of data storage can be as low as $25 per terabyte per month.

My users do not understand the cloud. Will it be too disruptive?

The disruption is usually dependent on the nature of the software used and the abilities of each user. Every cloud migration project is unique. Some are not disruptive at all as we can simply map physical resources to virtual resources. Some, however, change the way users conduct day-to-day activities. This is where our training team assists before, during, and after the migration to ensure users get the support they need.

What if the internet is down?

The possibility of internet access being disrupted is very remote in most parts of the Western world. Access is getting easier and more stable with each passing day. We recommend having multiple internet links to ensure higher uptime.

What is the downtime needed?

In 99% of the cases, the migration takes place over a weekend. There is no downtime during business hours.

How quickly can you move my servers to the cloud?

The migration timeline depends on the number of servers and services. The first step in the process is planning where each offline server/service is documented and goes through a test migration. Once all the servers and services have been through the test migration a final push to the cloud gets simpler. The complete end-to-end process depends on the size of your on-prem infrastructure. In most cases, migration takes less than a month.

The process of on prem to cloud migration is simply the process of moving your on-site servers to a public cloud computing environment and is the first step your business must take in order to utilize all the benefits cloud applications offer.
You should be aware, however, that this is not an easy task if you do not have the knowledge or experience to make the migration. Because it involves a lot of unexpected intricacies and complexities, the chances of data loss are significant if the setup is not done correctly.

This migration process can be stress-free when managed by an expert company like Cloud AI Tech. We have helped 100s of clients to migrate their on-prem infrastructure to the cloud, allowing them more time to be more productive. Our knowledge and years of experience have helped us to understand the powerful ways migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure can transform businesses, and we pass that expertise on to you. Migration can be done for your on-prem active directory server, database server, web server, file server, application server, and terminal server.

Below we’ve listed just some of the reasons to move from on-premise to the cloud:

  • Data-Based Decision-Making: After Cloud-based applications sift through your existing data, it is then displayed in analytical reports.
  • Increased Flexibility: Using the cloud offers increased flexibility in your overall application structure. Any necessary changes happen instantly, giving you more time to focus on other business efforts.
  • Increased Productivity: Frequent updates in cloud computing offers an increase in productivity because the applications update automatically in the background.
  • Easier Data Recovery: Blackouts or power outages caused by intense weather or disasters could result in serious financial loss for your business. It’s much easier to get up and running again when your data is stored in the cloud.

Cloud AI Tech offers cloud migration services based on your specific needs to provide your business with immediate results when it comes to increased productivity, enhanced infrastructure scalability, operational performance, broadened security, and better overall business flexibility. Contact us today!


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